学習・教育 テスト・検定

2023年度 第1回 英検




On Friday, May 26, an Eiken test was held after school. Our school is designated as an associate site for the Eiken, and the test is held three times a year (May, October, and January). The English teachers encourage students to pass Eiken Level 3 or Level Pre-2 by the end of their junior year. Of course, there are students who pass the level above level Pre-2 while still in school.

For students taking Level 3 or above, as soon as they pass the first test, they practice for the second interview (English questions and answers) to ensure that they will pass. During summer vacation, we also offer a training program for the Eiken 1 test called “Eiken Dojo” for students who will take the Eiken Pre-2 and 3 tests in October.

We hope that by taking the Eiken three times a year, students will be able to check their levels and develop their four skills.