英語教育(普通グレード)/ English Education (Regular Grade)

本校では普通クラス(ハイグレードを除く)で週2時間の英会話授業を行っています。ネイティブと日本人教員でTT(ティームティーチング)を実施し、主にリスニングとスピーキングの領域の指導をしています。一方、英語は日本人の英語教員単独の授業となり、主にリーディング とライティングの領域を担当しています。




Our school offers 2 hours of English conversation classes per week in regular classes (apart from High Grade).  Team Teaching(TT) is conducted by native English speakers and Japanese teachers, and mainly teaches the areas of listening and speaking.  On the other hand, regular English classes are taught by a single Japanese English teacher, who is mainly in charge of reading and writing. The students are given dictation (listening comprehension) and presentation (public speaking and role-playing) quizzes for each unit to ensure that the expressions they learn in English are well understood.

The final exam where English Conversation is tested is given once a semester.  Only in the first and second semesters, is English Conversation graded as an independent subject. in the third semester, it is graded as “English” overall.  The purpose of this is to provide students with a clearer picture of their level of achievement in each of the four skills.

After school, students may take Step-Up classes, which are taught by native English speakers twice a week.  Students who are interested in learning English can participate in this class on a voluntary basis.  In addition to these classes, there are various other opportunities to learn English.  Sakuragaoka Junior High School focuses on English and works hard every day to develop the four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in a well-balanced manner.