Welcome to Sakuragaoka! ~visitors from the U.S. ~




 今回の訪問では顔合わせや学校見学のみでしたが、次回は実際に桜丘高校の生徒と共に授業を受けてもらいます。いわゆる普通の授業ではなく「桜丘らしさ」溢れる授業を計画しています。次回の記事もお楽しみに。                                                                                   (文責: 竹之越)


              On June 17th, 2 American students from Los Angeles, California visited Sakuragaoaka High School (hereinafter, referred to as “SHS”). They were hosted by a SHS student’s family and their host mother told me that they wanted to experience what it is like to be a high school student in Japan. We accepted their offer and they came to SHS.

               We first went to a guest room and introduced ourselves to each other. I was amazed that they introduced themselves in Japanese fluently. After our self-introduction, we went to the nurse’s office at school to try on our school uniform. They seemed really excited to wear it. Since Charles, one of the American students, is about 6’1 tall, the pants that we had were small and they both laughed at it. After that, we went to classrooms. As it was the first time for most of the students at SHS to see someone with blue eyes and blond hair in person, they all leaned forward to see them closely. After Charles and Chaz introduced themselves, the students applauded their fluent Japanese. We also went to the teachers’ office and the Judo hall. They seemed interested in the teachers’ office and said, “We don’t have this kind of room where teachers work altogether. In America, each teacher has their own room and students go to a classroom based on a subject they study, but it’s the opposite here, and it’s interesting!” As it was their first time to visit a Japanese high school, they seemed interested and excited about everything they saw.

              They are going to come here again on July 3rd, and take classes. We have been planning out fun activities for them and hope they will have a good time at SHS.

(Masato Takenokoshi)